Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My first day

Tonight I join the millions of people who have found a little space of their own on the internet. My best friend mentioned to me recently that I should start a blog on cooking and marriage- two things that I very much enjoy. So, here I am.

Currently I am on summer holiday- otherwise known as having a glorious summer off from teaching. Recently it has been scalding hot outside. Due to such conditions, I find no inspiration to go outside and enjoy the vast outdoors. Instead, I muddle around finding this and that to do to fill my fabulous summer days. Since we live in a house built in the late 1800s, we are deprived of the luxury of central air (something I never considered a luxury until moving here, by the way). So, recently I have spent time devising ways to make the small AC unit in the next room over cool the main living area of my place. In addition to this extremely riveting activity, I have pursued the task of collecting all of my favorite recipes out of the collection of magazines I have collected over the past couple years. So far, I have gone through 2 of about 20 magazines, and yes I started this a week ago. I am making fantastic progress, ha.

You see, the highlight of my summer days (and of my school-year days too) is cooking dinner. Nothing is better than coming home and collecting any given ingredients for the night’s meal and creating something delicious to eat. The only thing that comes close to being as great as the cooking process, is sharing the meal with my husband, who is infinitely sweet- as he does the dishes after every meal- creating mess I make.

Tonight I made “Chicken Curry Salad”, a recipe from Real Simple. It’s a dish with pan-cooked chicken, couscous, and vegetables (tomatoes & snap peas).Typically when I first make a meal from a recipe I follow it to the tee without making modifications. Tonight I decided that I knew better than what the recipe said to do so I added a little of my own flair. I’m glad I did. The vegetables (I included tomatoes, scallions, and quartered green beans) in the dish were far better sautéed and warm, than raw and cold. (No offense RS, you still rock.) Below is a picture of my dish.

Well, I’m off for now.

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