Friday, May 9, 2014

Some Thoughts on Mother's Day

The past few days I have been overwhelmed with thankfulness every time I look at my baby girl. Perhaps it is in the spirit of Mother’s Day coming up this weekend that I am more in tune with my gratefulness. Each day I find myself remembering my longing to be a mom mixed with joy in knowing that my prayer was answered. The truth is, I was already a mother before this year’s Mother’s Day. And, although we have never held our other babies or looked into their faces, they made me a mom. They helped prepare me to be the mom I am to Holly now. They helped make it possible for us to hold and see the face of our sweet baby girl today. I will not forget them as I celebrate Mother’s Day this year as their little spirits live deep in my heart.

The other day, Holly and I were dancing to the “toddler station” on Pandora, and the song “Peace Like a River” came on in the mix. The song pretty much sums up my feelings on motherhood. I have been overcome with peace like a river, love like an ocean, and joy like a fountain as I experience being Holly’s mom. So, this Mother’s Day is a testament to the Lord’s faithfulness in our lives- how He brought us our miracle baby, how He has sustained her, and allowed us to experience this life together. To all my mama friends whose motherhood was cut short too soon, I love you. I am praying for you. I pray that you are filled with peace this Mother’s Day. And, to all my mama friends new and “old”, grab those kiddos and give them a long hug and snuggle them up. Cherish them and remember what a gift each and every one of them is.

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