Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well, we have been at the beach for the past week, therefore, not too many new cooking adventures to report on. We did, however, have quite the adventure getting to the beach. You see, this trip normally would take us anywhere from five to six hours. Twelve hours later on Saturday, we arrived at the beach. Our car gave us a lot of trouble, making it a long, drawn out road trip, but we survived it, together. I can really say, though, there's no one else I'd want thing to go so wrong on a trip then with my husband. When we arrived at the cottage, Grandma had our favorite spirits waiting!

I've been cooking with my husband's grandma all this week and it has really been fun. We cook very similarly so it is neat to be in the kitchen together. Highlights from our menu this week include: crab legs, bay scallop gratins (Ina Garten), ribs, mashed potatoes, corn salad, shrimp with fettuccine, and a lot of varying sides and appetizers. I think chicken wings are up tonight, then we'll work it all off mini-golfing. I'm excited!

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