Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Accidental Sabbatical

So, it has worked out that for roughly the past two weeks I have cooked next to nothing. A series of events worked themselves out to where I just ended up not needing to cook. So, if you've been wondering about the scarcity of posts, here's your answer. I just took an accidental sabbatical from cooking. I still love it, but we've been on a temporary break.

Anyway, tonight starts the cooking again. I am making roasted new potatoes and talpia that I posted about previously. I like it a lot because its so good and easy, therefore it became a repeat on this month's menu from last month.

In other news, my herbs are quickly perishing. Many factors have contributed to their dying process. One- it got cold outside so the herbs were relocated into my very hot apartment. I'm not so sure they appreciated the drastic temperature change. Two- for one reason or another I have had to occasionally move the herbs from the sunny window into the office with the not-as-sunny window. They really didn't like that. No sun=unhappy, dying herbs. Three- I was very unaware that parsley wanted to still be outside during the winter. Apparently, the cold suits it's fancy. So when it is 80 degrees in my apartment, it dies. Better luck next year I suppose.

Last week was husband's birthday. He turned 26! My mother-in-law (MIL) visited for the weekend and we did cook one night for his birthday. We had mashed sweet potatoes, roasted lamb, and asparagus. The picture below is of the table set with our delicious food.

This next picture is for laughs. It really goes to show my baking impairment. I "baked" a cake for husband's birthday and well, the picture speaks for itself. Enjoy.

(In case you're wondering-the white squiggles are supposed to be a football.)

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