Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween dinner

Yesterday we celebrated our third annual Halloween dinner. Here's what was on the menu: "Monster sliders", spider eggs, candied tomatoes, ghost mashed potatoes, and brussell sprout brains. We finished dinner off with some pumpkin parfaits. We had a great time and we even dressed up this year! I forgot my camera so I got a few shots with my Dad's phone and one or two with my iPad, but they're not the best quality.
Spider eggs

Monster sliders

For the pumpkin parfaits, I used THIS RECIPE from Food Network. I feel like the recipe called for way too much whipped cream to be folded into the pumpkin mixture. Next time I make them, I will use only half of the whipped cream.

To make the spiders on the eggs, I cut whole (pitted) black olives in half. I used one half as the body and cut the other half into small slivers to make the legs. For the monster sliders, I simply took two tooth picks and topped them each with a green pimento olive and they made little monster eyes!

Well, I am off to go switch over my clothes to my fall/winter wardrobe. It's time to say so-long flip flops and hello tp cowboy boots!

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  1. I used your spider egg idea and made some for a Halloween party! super cute!