Monday, October 3, 2011

Let's Talk Turkey

The month of September disappeared before my eyes. I can't believe that it is already October 2nd. I'm glad though, as October is my favorite month. It's when fall sets in, the leaves are beautiful, and it's when I get to host Halloween dinner. Perfect. But, like I said, the past month has been a whirlwind which caused me to take an accidental sabbatical from blogging. I'm back today, though, taking some time to write as I have the night to myself while Kenneth is at Young Life club. I have a migraine though, so I'm keeping my head real still as I type. I can't sleep it off because the medicine I take has so much caffeine in it. Although, the medicine doesn't seem to be working...I actually feel slightly worse. The pills did have a funny "odor" when I popped them in, but if you get migraines you know you've got to have something to cut the pain- even if it smells funny. (I'm sure it's ok Mom, don't worry) All that to say, if something doesn't make sense on this post, that's why.

So I decided to give a picture tour of what we've been up to the past month. Some of the pictures are of recipes I've made, and to save time/length of this post, I'll just link the recipes under the picture. Other pictures will be of recent happenings in the life of the Moorefields.

Before I do that...let's talk about this post's title. I named it "Let's Talk Turkey" for two reasons. First is because I am teaching my kids figurative language right now so it seemed appropriate to connect that on over to the blog. (For those more literal folks out there, talking turkey means "talking business" or in this context, "discussing life".) Second, is because last month I made a recipe using turkey legs. It was gross and I'll never do it again. I will not even think about that recipe anymore past typing this very sentence.

On to the pictures...

While this isn't a beautiful picture, it was a "beautiful" recipe. I'm not even good at baking and this blueberry crisp from August's Cooking Light was awesome

Another great recipe: Pecan Crusted Chicken salad. The homemade honey-mustard dressing that goes with this will make you never want to buy bottled honey-mustard dressing again. Even my pecan-hating husband liked this recipe from Cuisine.
Sorry, I can't find the recipe online to link it, but I promise to post it next time I make the dish.
This is a chicken-pot-pie recipe I made from Real Simple. I felt that it lacked flavor and I probably wouldn't make it again unless I added some extra spices to it. It probably wasn't as good because you are supposed to use a canned-corn chowder as a "shortcut". It just goes to show that sometimes you just can't shortcut things.

 This is a lemon and oregano shrimp recipe from Food and Wine. All I have to say is: try it. So good. I paired it with sauteed green beans.

 This weekend my friend Jesse visited. For breakfast on Saturday I made bacon, eggs, and fried apples (it is fall after all). After the bacon was finished I let it sit on a plate. In the bacon grease, I fried some apples. I cut 5 Gala apples into small wedges (my mom says Roma work better, I thought the Galas were good though). I fried them over medium heat in the bacon grease until they were soft. While they were cooking, I added 1/4 cup sugar and about 1 tsp of cinnamon. My secret ingredient: a dash or two of pumpkin pie spice. Delicious. Kenneth doesn't like "cooked fruit" and had thirds on these!

It's fall and it's time for mums & pumpkins! Here is the outside of our little porch decorated a little bit for fall. We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday and got our pumpkin. I love it!

 These two pictures are a sneak peak of our office redecorating project. We finally have all the supplies we need, now we have to take the time to begin our project. We're painting the walls a light gray and the yellow you see is the fabric I'm using to make curtains. We're also painting our desk white and doing some other small changes. We've done some other things to the house, but that's another post.

Lastly, is a picture of my brother and me at home this weekend. I love him a bunch. 

Well, that should about do it. Thanks for sticking with the long post. I will be better about posting this month! My migraine has faded thankfully, so now I'm left to decide whether or not to actually fix dinner or just have an apple and peanut butter. Until next time...

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  1. Finally made my way to your blog! Your recipes looks delicious. I bet Kenneth is so thankful to be married to such a wonderful cook! I had to laugh, Rob doesn't like cooked fruit either, and especially doesn't think that fruit can ever be a dessert…maybe it's a guy thing! Hope you guys are enjoying fall!