Thursday, September 8, 2011

Think Ahead & Make Ahead

This is going to be quick because I do need to go to bed. I am not very tired though, probably due to drinking quite a bit of coffee this afternoon. Oops.

Labor Day weekend was great. We had an awesome time in Raleigh. Below is a picture of us at the first NC State game. We came home on Saturday night real late and then got up Sunday to go to church. In the summer our church service is moved to 9:30am and for the past two weeks my husband was convinced (ok, this week I was convinced too) that it had been moved back to 10:30. So we drove the 30 minutes to church (actually being, what we thought, early this past week) and both weeks we arrived and found out that it was still at 9:30. So, we've missed it two weeks in a row, shame on us. Why we just didn't call and find out the time, I don't know. Should have thought ahead. Anyway, on Sunday (after driving all the way back home) we watched "Stepmom" which is probably my favorite movie and I love to watch it every fall. Then, we went to Young Life leadership which was a bunch of fun because afterward we went to the new frozen yogurt place in town. Monday I spent cleaning, and just relaxing. We watched "Madea's Big Happy Family" Monday night which I thought was really funny and a great end to the weekend.

This week I've made two meals that you could easily make ahead of time and just heat up when you want to eat them. First, I made chili. I made mine in a cast-enamel pot so I could store it in the actual pot and heat it up when we were ready to eat. Tonight I made sauteed tilapia tacos which was a recipe from August's Cooking Light. You can find the recipe here. I baked my tilapia (2 pieces at 400 for 13 minutes) and sauteed my onion and peppers instead of grilling them like the recipe instructs. If you wanted to, you could do all the cooking parts of this recipe (fish and vegetables) and refrigerate them until you're ready to eat them. Then, just heat them back up quickly and you're ready to go! I found that the tilapia was a refreshing change of taco meat. Give it a try.

Ok, I'm off to bed!

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