Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grace & Changes

Tonight was the first time in two weeks I feel like I just have had time to think. Tonight, I took a run at sunset. Well, I walked a good bit of it, but it was a great time to be out in God’s beauty and think. Tonight, as I ran, I saw a couple of those “air fairies” (which I think are really just dandelion seeds, but they are still magical none the less) that I used to make wishes on when I was I was a kid. I stopped and caught one and I made a wish. I wished that my friend Libby would be cured of her cancer. As I ran (and walked) I thought a lot, and it was nice. I thought about what I was going to make for dinner, what I will wear tomorrow, and about how long I would run (I think I went for two and half miles). I thought about God and how gracious He is. And- how His grace is new every morning. And- how I am so unworthy of that and how I am so glad that He has called me His child. I thought about how I take this all for granted so often and how I let myself get wrapped up in things that are not important. I thought about how I wanted to change that, and how life is too short not to.

After my run, I went next door (really through the closet that connects our apartment to “the big house”). I had a salad with my neighbors; a wonderful family of five who have become my second family. I then came back to my apartment and fixed scallops for dinner. I changed my recipe for them tonight. I started off by cooking some thin spaghetti noodles. While they were working, I made a white wine sauce for the noodles. It consisted of about a ¼ cup of minced red onion, a cup of chicken broth, ¾ cup white wine, salt, pepper, and thyme. I sautéed my onion in extra virgin olive oil first, then added the rest of the ingredients. I poured this over my drained pasta. For the scallops, I cut off the muscle, drizzled in evoo and salt and peppered them. Then, I broiled them in the oven for about seven minutes. I topped the pasta with the scallops. It was pretty good; there is room for improvement, of course.

“There's only grace. There's only love. There's only mercy and believe me it's enough. Your sins are gone, without a trace and there's nothing left now. There's only grace” –Matthew West

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