Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Incredible, Edible...Egg.

This post is dedicated to Becky Swanson for her blog reading dedication.

Eggs have made their way on to the menu lately. It all started with the frittata and has now evolved into other egg variations. And- I am all egged out so these will be the last couple of meals including eggs for a while. I believe that the eggs currently remaining in my fridge will make their way into boxed brownie mix (yes, boxed because I am baking-challenged).

Friday night I was flying solo for dinner so I opted for breakfast. I don't like "big breakfast food" in the morning, only at night. I saw Ina Garten making breakfast the other day for one of her many Hampton friends and felt inspired. Her scrambled eggs looked too good not to try. So, last night I made the said eggs which turned out "ok". I feel like I went a little too heavy on the herbs (parsley, basil, dill, & scallions). There was too much for the amount of eggs I had, so I suggest go light on your herbs when making scrambled eggs with herbs. I also cooked up some bacon and made some biscuits.

Tonight we had a large crowd over for dinner. We grilled chicken, and I roasted potatoes and made deviled eggs- for the first time. I called my mom while grocery shopping, got the scoop on how to make them, and went for it. In my opinion, they turned out pretty good. I used a secret ingredient of my own (in addition to mustard, mayo, vinegar, salt, and pepper combined in the egg yolks) and I'm excited because I've don't often make anything that includes my own secret ingredients. We also had bread and salad. Later we had s'mores by the campfire.

On a more random note, I really have a strong opposition to curly-leaf parsley. As I have mentioned in prior posts, I don't live in an area that is thriving with the best fresh ingredients. So, the other day the grocery store I reported to for a couple last minute ingredients, did not have flat-leaf parsley, only curly. So, since I needed the parsley for my eggs, I just bought it. (The flat-leaf parsley in my herb garden has not produced enough for me to cut off. If I did, I'd have no more.) Well, I brought it home and went to start chopping and concluded that it is just too finicky to be considered a worthwhile herb. It gets all tangled up and just tastes off. So, in conclusion, I will no longer be purchasing curly-leaf parsley- no matter how badly I need it. I'm better off with dried parsley. Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there. Until next time...


  1. Every time I write something to you I have the urge to do it in numbered bullets. So here we go...
    1. Ina Garten and her Hampton friends are my favorite.
    2. I'm surprised you cooked bacon in your house.
    3. I'm really trying to figure out what the secret ingredient is in your deviled eggs, but its very hard to do without tasting.
    4. Your parsley story made me smile.

  2. Do you have extra biscuits to share? They look yummmmmy! :)