Monday, August 30, 2010

A lotta Fritatta

It is Monday again...and, for a Monday it was pretty good. Husband and I both woke up a little late this morning, but I still made it to school with time to spare. When I say time to spare, I mean I had five minutes until my students came in instead of one- always a plus. We had a pretty low-key afternoon which involved "watching" a movie (we both fell asleep) and cooking dinner.

Tonight's dinner was a cabbage and potato fritatta with bacon- a Rachael Ray recipe. When I first started cooking, all I cooked was Rachael Ray recipes. I recommend her stuff for people who are starting out because most of the recipes are fairly simple.

The fritatta was easy to make and was surprisingly tasty. I had my doubts about the combination of ingredients but it turned out fine. The fritatta consisted of 7 eggs, beaten, sliced cabbage (we used red, the recipe calls for green which would probably be better), sliced carrots, one diced onion, bacon, crumbled, and two diced potatoes. I also added one chopped scallion and chopped parsley. I didn't follow the recipe's ingredients exactly because I used a lot of what I already had and reduced the recipe so that it should only feed two people. It made a lot more than that, thus tonight's title "a lotta fritatta". Basically, you first preheat the oven to 350 and then cook the bacon in an oven-proof pan and crumble it. Then, in the bacon grease you cook the carrots and potatoes until soft, then add the onion and cabbage. After that, you beat the eggs (seasoned with salt and pepper) and add them to the pan. Once I did that, I added the bacon, parsley, and scallion to the mix. I cooked it on medium heat until the egg started to stick to the edges of the pan but the middle was still runny. Once that happens, you transfer the pan to the oven for roughly ten minutes, until the edges brown. Take it out, transfer to a cutting board and cut into wedges. It was really pretty! The red cabbage made it more colorful, but I think green cabbage would give it a better flavor.

The only drama I encountered while cooking was I originally did not start off with enough eggs. I started with five and when I added them to the pan, it quickly became evident that my eggs were not going to make it with all the vegetables. So, I ran next door (really I ran through the closet that connects us to our neighbor's house) and grabbed two eggs. It is very convenient that we have chickens in our backyard producing eggs daily that are collected by the neighbors and that come to my rescue in the event of egg emergencies.

The first picture is of the vegetables pre-eggs, the second is the finished product.

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