Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Hit Wonder

Last night's dinner was one that made you say, "humm...probably wouldn't do it that way again." It was a roasted pork chop recipe from this month's Real Simple. I used two bone-in pork chops, one onion, fresh basil, and 3/4 cup of couscous. You cook the couscous according the box's directions. Check. Then, you salt and pepper your pork chop and brown it in some olive oil in a oven-proof skillet. Check. Then, transfer the chops to a plate and saute the onion in the pork chop drippings. Check. Return the chops to the pan, top with fresh chopped basil and transfer to a 400 degree oven for ten minutes. Check. Afterward, place the chops on the couscous. Check. The original recipe called for the addition of peaches to be roasted with the chops. I think that this would be a pleasant addition, however, my husband has a strong opposition to cooked fruit. He's an odd one.

The flavor overall was decent. However, the pork chops were kind-of tough. Perhaps they did not need so long in the oven, or would be better grilled.

Anyway, it was still edible and we still enjoyed our family dinner together. All was not lost.

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