Saturday, August 7, 2010

Out and About

Last night, my friend, Jesse, and I went out to the "new" Mexican restaurant in Farmville. It is one of two. You see the population of Farmville is rather small, so to say that we have two Mexican restaurants is quite impressive. Until last night, I had been dining at "the other one" and my experience was no more than mediocre. Well, I am happy to report that El Patron has brought new life to this ball game. We arrived around 7:00 and just beat the "rush" (2-3 more families came to dine). I enjoyed a chicken enchilada, taco, and beans. Very basic, but I have to ensure that the basics are satisfactory before I move on. And- unlike "the other one" you have unlimited refills on chips and a yummy dipping sauce in addition to the normal salsa. While La Carretta (Lynchburg, VA) is still my favorite Mexican dining facility, El Patron is pulling its weight in our small town. Here's to you El Patron.

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