Thursday, September 9, 2010

Risotto Cakes & The First Apples of Fall I love it in pretty much any shape or fashion it may present itself in. After mashed potatoes, risotto is my number one comfort food. No question about it. For those of you out there thinking risotto is the impossible and most difficult rice ever- I am here to say that it is indeed not! You just must have patience my friends. Good things come to those who wait.

My favorite risotto recipe is one that I adapted about two years ago from Rachael Ray. One day I'll post about it; I believe it's on the menu later this month. As for now, I am happy to report on my most recent risotto cooking experience: chive risotto cakes. It's an Ina Garten recipe. It way simple and great because you can make the "batter" ahead of time and cook when you're ready for them. Since I do nothing to change the recipe I am just linked it above. You should definitely try them. They are so very delicious, and you can use them as an appetizer in mini-form, or as a side item at a meal- so versatile!

I also embarked on a new Ina Garten recipe which brings in a little Julia Child flava- so my two favorites in one! I made a French Apple Tart. I also linked that recipe because you don't want to make it the way I did- you want to make it Ina's way. Trust me, it's better. I for some reason, just can not master baking. I am not keen on having to be so exact in my measurements and not really being able, with my knowledge, to substitute ingredients when I want to. I made the tart to the best of my ability but I think that I lost all of the French part to it when I didn't include the apricot jam (thought I had it and didn't) and the Calvados. Ina had put in some things you could substitute the Calvados with, I thought I had that too, but I was mistaken. So after baking I coated my tart in a brown sugar glaze. It turned out decent enough that my husband ate it- more than once. So, it was not a complete let down. Pictures are below! The first is a pre-baking shot, the next is after baking (dropped my camera in the brown sugar glaze on that one), the last is a slice.

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