Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sometimes you feel like a cook, sometimes you don't

I was talking to one of my friends from work yesterday and she made the comment that we are on "mind overload". So true. When you live in the life of a teacher, you do get some perks- such as snow days. There is always some degree of excitement that creeps up in you from your childhood when you hear that there's no school today- snow day! However, after a while, your teacherhood creeps up and reality hits- we're behind. So these past couple of weeks we've been working extra hard to keep on pace in my class, but it has definitely caused me to go into "mind overload". All this to say that 1. I haven't been cooking many new recipes lately and 2. if I did cook something new, I don't really remember it.

But- February promises to be a refreshing month full of new and good food. One because I am turning 25 this month and we will be dining at some of my favorite dining establishments to celebrate. And, because I have heard of a ton of new recipes that I want to try out this month. I'm excited.

Last week I cooked a pot roast and vegetables in the crock pot. A pretty classic recipe. With the leftovers, I made some "roast sliders". All I did is shred up the leftover roast and added some "Bone Suckin' Sauce" (from NC) to coat. We ate those with some of the leftover vegetables. It was a great way to mix things up.

One day this week husband and I were both under the weather. So, we did not feel up to cooking. He was sweet enough to go out and get us some "sick survival food". We had chicken noodle soup from a can- it was disgusting and even if I am really sick and need it, I never want to eat it again. Gross. I guess you can't go back once you have gotten used to homemade. For dinner, we had fish sticks, and leftover mashed potatoes (from which meal I can't remember). That proved to be much better than lunch. Once in a blue moon, a girl's got to eat some fish sticks.

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  1. Campbells soup is just not for me anymore either....occasionally I will mix in ramen noodles with leftover chicken and frozen peas... but I think the ramen noodles ruins it. Egg noodles work better. Happy Birthday!