Monday, June 27, 2011

Junk Food Night

Today I returned home from five days at camp. I am somewhat tired and ready to just "chill" for the next couple of days (until we head back to the beach!). So, when I got home husband had flowers waiting for me and the house was all clean! He also cooked dinner for me (grilled chicken salads), yum. After dinner, I proposed we have a junk food night since I am planning to get back on a "healthy schedule" after today. So, we drove to the store and grabbed some junk food night essentials: peanut m&ms, milk duds, cheetos, chocolate chip cookies, and dr. pepper. Now we're hanging out and watching movies, a perfect coming home night!

The blog's one year anniversary is on Wednesday, so stay tuned for a special post!
Until next time...

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