Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer so far...

Sorry for the delay in posting! Things have been busy around here, but we are winding down, because it is now...summer! Thursday was my last day at school. From there, we headed to NC to see MIL. We came back on Sunday, I cleaned up a little around here on Monday, and today we went to the Blue Ridge Parkway and went hiking, then hung around Lynchburg for a little while. We hiked the mountain where husband proposed to me. It was fun, but the end of the hike was a bit tougher than I had remembered. I think that since the last time he and I went there I was in a bit of euphoria (due to his proposing) that I forgot about the toughness of the end bit of it, but we made it, even despite my whining. He was a good sport. And- the way down was way better. We talked about a list of things we want to do this upcoming year. It was exciting. We ate dinner at a tapas restaurant in Lynchburg called Dish, you should check it out if you're ever in town.

this is where he proposed

flowers along the trail

summit of Flat Top Mountain

Since it is now summer, it is also now hot. We only have AC window units, so it gets quite toasty in here. I just had to get up from typing this and stand in front of the fan for a minute because I'm roasting!

In other news, my herbs are happy about the heat and they are doing much better. I had posted a few weeks ago about their dismal state. I am happy to report that they are looking much healthier. And- I am now on round three of dill, third time's a charm, right?

I have indeed been cooking recently, but I have not posted about any of the meals. Most of the meals at the end of the school year were ones I had posted on before. We did try a new recipe out of Southern Living called Tomato-Herb Mini Frittatas, only ours did not include the tomatoes. They were pretty good. I'm linking the recipe here. Up for the rest of this week's menu is: fish cakes & roasted potatoes and scallions, grilled chicken with squash casserole (you NEED this recipe it's so good, I'll post it!), and grilled flank steak with grilled vegetable packets. So- look forward to some good summer recipes coming up soon!

Until next time...

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