Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wrapping up the Week

This week has seemed to fly by...which, I'm thankful for because I get to go back to Rockbridge after school tomorrow.

Tonight as I was walking next door (and when I say next door, I really mean, walking through the closet connecting us to the neighbor's house) to say hello etc., I was asked to keep an ear out for the kids and potentially help with dinner as the adults rushed out the door. No big deal, I was glad to do it. So, I conjured up some fresh spaghetti sauce with fresh tomatoes and onions similar to my summer spaghetti. It was nice to use what I consider one of my "gifts", cooking that is, to help out other people. I don't feel like I do that enough.

After we ate dinner, I head back over to our apartment and set out to water the plants (which I've neglected for several days now..they are hanging in there). It is a cool night so it was pleasant to just be outside to take in the fresh air after being cooped up all day. I rather enjoyed pruning the plants and making them look a bit nicer. Pruning plants always makes me think of how God sometimes needs to prune us and refine us to make us better servants of his love. I am considering making a winter herb pot for inside so that I can have herbs all winter long. I am hoping to find some basil and thyme on sale. We shall see how that goes...

Last week, while still on my peach kick, I made a grilled peach for dessert. So simple and so tasty. And- the best part about it is 1. it requires no baking skills and 2. you can make as little or as much as you want. All you do is: Preheat the grill to about 300 (medium heat). Cut a peach in half, removing the pit. Brush the peach halves lightly with evoo. Then, grill for about 3 minutes on each side. Take the peach off the grill and sprinkle with brown sugar. You can also drizzle it with honey if desired.

Tonight I cut up the last of my peaches. It was a white peach that had seen better days. I have decided now after having both yellow and white peaches that yellow are still my favorite. They just taste more, well, "peachy".

Every day I am reminded of how terribly I need to get back in a work out routine. I just loathe it so much; I want the results but I don't want the work. And- for the past two days I have been really sore from the class I took for the first time on Tuesday. But- I'm going to fight through the soreness and do a pilates video tonight. Consider it a "late night workout" as it is quickly approaching 9pm. After pilates, I need to pack so I am ready to go to see my husband tomorrow. Yay!

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