Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Favorites: Baby Products

Since having a little one, I have found some products that I absolutely love. Before I had my own baby I thought I'd never like some of these…I'm glad to find out that I was wrong. I'll give y'all a picture of my faves and a little tidbit on why I love them! These are products I have used newborn- 4 months and each are linked. I hope this post helps some of you new mamas and soon-to-be mamas!

The Fisher Price Rock-n-Play: Holly slept in this for the first 9 weeks and still takes her naps in it at 4 months. It is super easy to move around from room to room and its easy to rock. I recommend buying the platinum edition with the vibrate feature- it soothes baby. It's also pretty easy to travel with as it easily folds up.

This is both a book and a video.  I heard about it after Holly was born and so there was no chance I was going to read a book, so I downloaded the video from Amazon to watch while nursing. It is well worth the $10. He talks about the 5 S's of calming a baby and THEY WORK. Once we started using the techniques Harvey Karp teaches, we truly did have a much happier baby.

The Shush Baby Shush app is awesome for shushing- one of the 5 S's from Happiest Baby on the Block. This app is awesome. For a low .99 from i-Tunes store, you can get an app and set it to any of 8 white noises. We use the shush. It goes anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Holly almost always calms down when hearing the shush and falls asleep to it every night.
"Peanut" is one of Holly's favorite toys. It's a great interactive toy that you can grab and take anywhere. It has different textures and makes different sounds that babies love. She loved "Peanut" the day she met him- true story.

I admit it, the 4 Moms Infant Tub is something I thought was silly before we started using it. Now, I can't imagine bath time without it. Totally worth the $50. I promise. I love that it tells you the temperature of the water…I think Holly does too. She always has her perfect 99 degree bath, ha. What I love more, is that it filters out dirty water so the baby is always sitting in clean water. It also is super supportive of the baby and fits great over a double kitchen sink.

The Fisher Price bouncer seat is such a great little seat for older babies. A friend let us borrow theirs and we love it. This has been great for Holly because I can easily move it around and she can sit, play, and be entertained. It's also great for hooking Peanut to. I love that I can take it in the kitchen and she can play while I cook dinner! 

This isn't a baby product, but the song "Beautiful Girl" by Tyrone Wells (from beautiful world album) is played 1208394802 times a day at our house. This song almost always calms Holly when she's crying. She LOVES it. Thank you Tyrone, thank you.

So, those are just some of my current favorite baby products. I'm sure there will be many more editions of favorite baby products as my little girl keeps growing! Mamas- what are your favorites?

Stay tuned on Monday for a special edition post! 

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