Thursday, March 20, 2014


Tomorrow is Friday…thank goodness. This seems like it has been the longest week. Today, I was so relieved to finally see some sunshine and feel some warmer temperatures! Tomorrow it is supposed to be just as sunny and warmer, and that trend continues into the weekend. Horray! To celebrate and fully enjoy this weekend I'm going to spend my time "unplugged". I have been feeling lately, that I have been way too connected to my devices. I find myself checking Instagram, Facebook, blogs, etc. mindlessly in my down time. So, I want to divorce my devices this weekend and enjoy time spent with my family. My husband is taking the day off on Saturday and we are just going to enjoy being with our daughter soaking up the warm spring weather. I am looking forward to being released from the distraction of social media so that I can better focus on life right in front of me.

I'm also excited to get to wear a springy outfit tomorrow. Loving the fact that I can break out these fun printed pants and a tee from Loft. I am currently obsessed with Loft's sunwashed tees; I've bought three so far and it's probably not stopping there.

For now, I'm signing off and unplugging, see you back next week!

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